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Riverdale: Netflix Original TV Series

Thing is, I honestly don’t spend much time on Netflix. I’m not a binger (unless you count a few weeks ago when I watched the entirety of Gilmore Girls in an unhealthy amount of time).  Somehow, though, that neon caught my eye right before I clicked the tiny x, and my whole childhood came flooding back, as cheesy as that sounds.

I blurted out an unexpected “Oh my god,” which probably startled my unexpecting boyfriend sitting nearby.

I used to scan the Archie comics in line at the grocery store and if I was lucky, I’d take one home. They made me feel “mature” because I was so far from high school, but I read about the characters’ drama like it was my own life. So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw “Riverdale” tonight, advertised like a wormhole or something, back to my past.

First off, it’s different, as it should be. We live in a digital age, but it’s funny hearing references to Twitter and Uber from characters I associate with- what- the 40s? 50s? Maybe I was just naive, but I also don’t remember Archie having a fling with a teacher (yikes) or a dead boy in a lake. Anyways, I’m glad they’ve spiced things up a bit, and spotting Dylan Sprouse as Jughead was a whole other throwback to my Disney Channel days.

The fact that this is a weekly series is for the best, I suppose, or else who knows what kind of Netflix monster I might evolve into.